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       Marking Gauge / Square

The GO TO marking gauge / speed square is always accurate and very easy to use. The smaller end marks from 1/8” to 1” while the larger end marks from 1/8” to 6”.

Simply place your writing utensil into the slot and slide the fence along to object your marking.

A marking gauge, also known as a scratch gauge,is used in woodworing, metal working , tile and crafting to mark out lines  for cutting or other operations. The purpose of the gauge is to scribe a line parallel to a reference edge or surface. It is used in building construction, tile, Sheetrock and crafting operations.



The gauge consists of a beam, a headstock, and a scribing or marking implement, typically a pen pencil or writing utensil.

The fence or headstock slides along the wood, tile or any beam. The marking implement is placed into any slot  and slide along any beam , wood or object. It is also used as a building contractor construction speed square.

We take great satisfaction in being the top American supplier of top-notch construction goods and services here at GO TO Industries. We are your go-to shop for all of your construction product needs thanks to our years of experience and dedication to excellence.

Construction Hard Hat Safety Glasses / Pencil Holder

What Makes Us Special

Up-to-date Technology: We stay on the cutting edge of market trends by embracing the most recent technological breakthroughs. We assist you to improve productivity and stay competitive in today's quickly changing business environment by adding cutting-edge technologies to our products.
Significant Industry Knowledge: 

Our team of experts has over 35 years of expertise and an in-depth understanding of numerous sectors. We can give specialized solutions for construction products that are not currently on the market and are suited to your particular needs since we are familiar with the special difficulties and demands that each sector faces.
Individualized Approaches:
Given that we recognize the individuality of every firm, we offer specialized solutions that are based on your particular needs. Our staff closely collaborates with you to pinpoint business problems and create all-encompassing plans that promote development, shave red tape, and boost output.
Outstanding Quality Products: We offer a wide range of premium construction related products that are produced in USA. Regardless of the kind of construction gear, equipment, or supplies you require, we guarantee that every one of our offerings is dependable, robust, and built to withstand the rigours of demanding industrial environments.

Our Product Line

GO TO offers a wide range of fantastic construction related products that meet the highest requirements for performance and quality in engineering. We offer all the tools that are designed by a general contractor and that are not currently on the market. Our products supplies will keep your business going smoothly.

Hard Hat Safety Glasses / Pencil Holder

Marking Gauge / Speed Square

Whether you work in warehousing, construction, mining , or any other industry, we offer the right solutions to help you finish the task swiftly and efficiently. In addition to a wide choice of industrial products, we also provide several custom products that benefit your company. Our qualified team of specialists is committed to providing you with exceptional service and knowledge so that you have the support you need to be successful in your industry.

Hard Hat Safety Glasses/ Pencil Holder

It is simple to overcome by the variety of approved safety eyewear models available at GO TO Industries. We have categorized our safety eyewear into common categories for easier, quicker searches to streamline your choosing procedure. There are many different types of safety glasses available, including anti-fog, bifocal, over-prescription, polarized, and shooting safety glasses, to mention a few. You can further refine your search by using the product filters on this page. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by using our online contact form or calling our toll-free number if you are still feeling daunted by the options available or if you have any questions at all. Our customer care representatives are skilled and willing to assist.

Wide Product Selection:

We are your one-stop shop for all of your commercial construction needs and requirements thanks to our extensive selection of products for the industry. We provide everything you need to support your operations, from little tools to massive gear.

GO TO Marking Gauge / Square

This marking gauge makes is simple convenient and efficient to mark Amy type of material. No need to use straight edge and tape measure. It marks from 1/8” to 6”.

GO TO Industries: Why You Should:

Fantastic Customer Service: We value our clients at GO TO Industries and work hard to give them the best support. Our helpful and experienced staff is committed to going above and beyond to fulfil your needs.

Qualitative and Reliable: 

Our objective is to provide the highest-quality goods.We only work with skilled professionals that take pride in what they do, our products are produced in USA.

Price Competition: 

Cost-effectiveness' essential role in today's competitive business environment is something we are all aware of. To ensure that you get the best possible return on your investment, we offer reasonable prices for all of our products and services.

Our Commitment

At GO TO Industries, we are committed to offering outstanding customer service and creating enduring connections with our clients. With dependable goods, knowledgeable advice, and continuing support, we want to be your go-to partner for business growth. Find out how we can assist you with your industrial requirements by contacting GO TO Industries right away.

We are always to help you succeed whether you require high-calibre goods, dependable services, or professional guidance. You can rely on us to be your go-to partner in the USA. Our skilled technical support team is here to assist you if you have any questions or concerns about our products or their use. Giving you the information and guidance you need to make informed decisions is our aim.